Wilmer y Maria – El Mundo Del Caribe Latin Congress 2012

This wonderful video starts out with signs of belly dancing arms, and movements I’ve seen in the Black Swan.

This couple brought a little bit of everything… just looking at the way they move and execute each aerial shows they are grounded in some solid technique. Maria must be ridiculously strong, because her body is in complete control the whole time.

Throughout the show, I liked how they played with the music by making a few cuts here and there. Then they incorporated some classic ballet, and modern dance moves with Rumba/guaganco towards the middle…

Since it was a latin congress they put in about 2 counts of eight for partner dancing and then went back to what they are very good at: body movement, and footwork.

I hope you enjoy the show, and let me know if you have any videos you have seen that I should check out.

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