What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Salsa dancing?

I’ve been dancing salsa for a couple years now so I have a few different associations with Salsa dancing, but the number one thing that comes to mind when I think of Salsa dancingĀ is ‘relationships’. It’s a dance that promotes community and socializing and no matter where in the world I go there is always a community of dancers that I can tap into and have a new group of friends.

When I went to El Salvador in Summer 2011, we went there for a month and within that time we jumped right into the salsa community and had people driving us around to different night clubs and showing us all the various dancers. We met people from all walks of life and they were completely pumped to show us around and take care of us.

Here in Boston, you’ll notice that a lot of the clubs tend to have people who dance there regularly and then there are also the people who’ve found Salsa recently and are dipping their toes in the Salsa nightlife; maybe you’re one of these people.

Since Salsa dancing has the potential to be intimate and sexy, or playful and silly it brings people together through a common bond; the bond that comes from the music. Yes, Salsa music is exciting and is the bridge that brings a leader and follower together through which something amazing happens. You get to work on your problems.

Yup, after a long days work, and fighting with a friend, worrying about money, and just being completely tired because something in your life is not where you want it to be Salsa dancing helps you to work on it. In an environment where you don’t talk, you just feel and express yourself, it’s perfect for letting loose and facing what is going on in life. You’ll notice that you won’t be dancing the same way every day. For myself, I dance with a lot of energy on some days and on others I just enjoy my partner and take it easy. The key being that I choose to be with my dance partner fully, be present, and be connected with the music. After some time in the salsa scene you’ll hear people say they need a Salsa fix, and though dancing Salsa doesn’t have the downside of a drug it sure can become a positive outlet for experiencing life.

You’ll get to make new friends, potentially meet a romantic partner, and just have oodles of fun while on the dance floor without a care in the world other than the music and the person you’re dancing with. This is why Salsa dancing is about relationships, because it is through connecting with others that we can better connect with what we are as human beings and live a better life.

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