Tropical Gem Invento – Crazy Exciting Performance

Tropical Gem Invento dos 6-11-2014Tropical Gem Led by Fernando Sosa brings an amazing performance to the stage with a combination of … EVERYTHING… They went all out with this creative work and had about 10+ different cuts to the music.

Everything fit perfectly together and the complexity of the formation changes alone could keep a budding choreographer drooling on the dance floor.

The talent on Tropical Gem is amazing. These dancers seem to have backgrounds in hip hop, ballet, salsa, acrobatics, and it all comes out in this performance.

While you’re watching you’ll notice the musicality is captured throughout the show, from a chest isolation here.. to throwing someone in the air there… and then the formation changes even go with the music… I had fun watching this and hope you will too… enjoy, and let me know what videos you’re watching..

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