Sofia Vergara Learns the Latin Lotion Dance

Whenever I’m teaching my students how to dance salsa, the biggest block I come across is that everyone thinks you’re messing up if you don’t do the exact same thing I do.

To learn a dance, you need to understand the rules, the footwork patterns, and the timing… however, you don’t want to lose all the joy and fun by getting stuck in being a robot.

I like to imagine a time when salsa never existed. The Vasquez brothers, Edie the Salsa Freak, Eddie Torres and all these legends were starting without a foundation.

There must have been someone who said… What would happen if I do this move?

or will this work with the music?
Can I add this to my style… and so on…

Well today’s video premieres the Lotion Dance… ^_^

I like it because it’s something someone just made up from their daily life, and if you look at the history of salsa, Rumba, Guaganco, and son.. you’ll notice that many of the moves have their origins in the same place; the daily lives of the people…

Here is the video with Sofia Vergara. It talks about her movie, her accent, her “Colombianness” and ends with a fun Lotion Dance Performance…


The song they play is called
“I Like it Like That” by
Pete Rodriguez under the Fania Label

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