Orisha Yemaya Dance from Cuba by Yusimi Moya Rodriguez

Orisha Yemaya Dance from Cuba 6-16-2014Orisha Yemaya Dance from Cuba 6-16-2014b

Yusimi Moya Rodriguez presents us with a beautiful performance in honor of the Yoruba God Yemaya.

This dance goes back to the roots of latin dancing where dancers and musicians came together in a community to give worship and tell stories about the people’s history.

The dance seems simple, and repetitive, but it carries with it so much history and culture that you would be blown away. One day I’ll write about Yemaya and her story; but, today I want you to enjoy the video and even try some of the moves yourself.

They may look simple, but there are a lot of small details in her body movement that would require some practice.

Here is the video

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