Maykel Fonts & Davide “Rumberito” Buffon – Mallorca Salsa 2011

Maykel Fonts and Davide “Rumberito” Buffon show off their fluid movements and body isolation to the classy Gusamba by El Gran Combo.

These two bring the music alive wiMaykel Fonts & Davide "Rumberito" Buffon 2 6-10-2014th a combination of African movement, mixed in with some modern style. I love the way they move their heads and accent the music with their hands.

You’ll notice that Maykel Fonts is more in control of his movements, but Davide Buffon has that something that kept me looking at him perform. He seems less technical, but more free when it comes to expressing the music. It’s a sort of lightness that I’m always looking to develop while I dance, because it makes everything look more natural.

At 2 mins and 51 seconds the tempo changes and they go crazy with a more upbeat song.

Enjoy the show, and remember to share some of your own videos.

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