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Sofia Vergara Learns the Latin Lotion Dance

Whenever I’m teaching my students how to dance salsa, the biggest block I come across is that everyone thinks you’re messing up if you don’t do the exact same thing I do. To learn a dance, you need to understand the rules, the footwork patterns, and the timing… however, you don’t want to lose all… Continue Reading

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Salsa dancing?

I’ve been dancing salsa for a couple years now so I have a few different associations with Salsa dancing, but the number one thing that comes to mind when I think of Salsa dancing¬†is ‘relationships’. It’s a dance that promotes community and socializing and no matter where in the world I go there is always… Continue Reading

Eddie Palmiere Named among the Jazz Masters

Eddie Palmiere from the original days when Salsa was still coming up in the world has been recognized for his contribution to the Jazz music world. The National Endowmnet for the Arts announced today that Mr. Palmiere will be receiving its 2013 Jazz Masters award.¬†Eddie Palmiere will be honored in January 2013 at New York’s… Continue Reading